The existence on the web today is often considered, though sometimes implicitly, more important than existence of an ‘actual’ office. The reason why websites are usually launched even before company’s registrations. Considered as the first ambassadorial representative of the brand to be. The hope and reality of the envisioned ideas. The moral and cultural epitome of company being created out of shear value injection of passion and creativity of the owners. The website eventually becomes the communicator. The tool to understand the desire and needs of the clientele. In many cases the shop too. The credit card processing machine and the display case; and the sales rep who manages it all.

The website is a tool with capacity of unparalleled scalability and efficacy. Only if done properly. Planned properly. A clear understanding of measurable goals is key to achieving success. The clarity of focus and vision is a must.

The website design and development is a process. It starts with great development strategy then carefully crafted by designers and built with strong foundations by programmers and then it goes in continues management and improvement cycle couple with marketing and growth strategy that results in desired goals.

From: The Web Development Process handbook at K&M

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