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image_1 Ali Khan

Ali is a HIPAA compliance expert with over 9 years of risk management experience. A Certified HIPAA Professional, Certified Security and Compliance Specialist and Certified HIPAA Privacy and Security Expert, Ali has extensive experience in mobile health (mhealth) compliance, developing compliant healthcare IT infrastructure including cloud-based and fluid scale systems, and network design and administration.

Ali studied robotics engineering and electrical engineering. He applied his skills and knowledge developing cloud-based Caas and Saas software applications which required a thorough knowledge of PCI DSS compliance, ISO 27000 standards, and data security and transmission protocols as well as complete understanding of HIPAA/HITECH regulations.

Ali was drawn to the healthcare field through family influence and interest. With physicians in the family engaging Ali for technical and compliance advice, he developed a passion for helping those in the healthcare field negotiate the demands of HIPAA. Having family members that required high-level healthcare services only available outside of the local region, and a young family of his own, Ali has a great appreciation for innovation that enables highly interactive healthcare that is data intensive yet secure. His vision is for doctors to be able to spend their time taking care of patients worry free.

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image_2Michele Marshall

Michele loves working in healthcare. Recognizing that it was a field experiencing great turmoil and change, she complemented her Business Finance degree with an MBA in Healthcare Administration. Her combined experience in hospital media and marketing, and organizational change management leadership for government IT and cyber security implementations, made HIPAA compliance a natural path to pursue in healthcare. She also is a Certified HIPAA Professional (CHP).

Michele’s desire is to bring simplicity and cost control to HIPAA compliance for small to mid-size practices that acutely feel the burden of compliance. The onerous time commitment required of physicians and their staff pulls much attention away from their primary goal, which is more time with their patients.

Not only does it take time to comply with HIPAA, but it takes resources as well. While HIPAA laws have inherent benefits for patients, the administration of those laws can impact the finances of a practice, leaving fewer resources for desired things like more staffing, practice improvements, medical equipment upgrades and residual income.

With two grown sons pursuing pre-med degrees at University of Utah, Michele feels very invested in healthcare and has a passion for enabling practices to do what they do best – take care of patients.

Michele Marshall, MBA, CHP
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